Sonica Services - Sonica Service and Employees

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I went to the Sonica near my home a few weeks ago off Almeda Rd/ W.Fuqua.

I ordered three cheeseburgers and three slushies. The lady said it would be 30 minutes for the drinks, but when I got to the window. She handled me the drinks, they were light pink with no taste. I aksed if they could put more flavor.

The Manager said that's all they could put very rude and walked away. The burgers were cold and was not fixed correct, one was no onions ny daughter has a allergy to them. Anyway I made a complaint on line . I received a call this past Saturday supposely from the Asst Manager aplogizing and told me to come back to the store anything and I could get another order to my choice.

She said she got off at 3:30 p.m. She told me if I came after that time just asked for the Manager and he would know, because she was leaving my name and a note. Well my daughter wanted to go this Sunday when we got there they have no Manager on duty. This was at 8:35 p.m.

and the employees had no clue want I was talking about. I called the store last night and spoke to the Manager and he said he had nothing to do with it and I would need to come to the store when the Asst Manager was there or call her back. I just said okay and hung up. I have never seen a Company that has no type of communication,no organized and has no customer service skills.

I use to go to the Bissonnet & Boone Road location all of the time.

They are very polite and the orders come out hot and correct, I do not recommend anyone to go to the one located on Almeda/W.Fuqua.

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